what you won’t do (for love)

there are very few things in this life worth driving one-thousand miles in depends so you don’t have to stop for a bathroom break, but apparently, love is one of them. in hearing the story of lisa marie novak, i couldn’t help but to wonder just what makes us cross that delicate line from in love to crazy.

i will be the first to admit that i have done some very embarrassing things “in the name of love,” but i am going to go out on a limb and say that none of them could ever be considered de-ranged. there are countless movies made about people who have transitioned (from in love to crazy): sleeping with the enemy, the babysitter, and my all time favorite fatal attraction , to name only a few.

i have this theory about lies and expectations. we lie to ourselves about what we really want in order to lower our expectations and avoid being hurt. we think that if we tell our lie enough, that eventually, it will become the truth. we may even believe it, but usually, we are only fooling ourselves. that’s the thing about denial, everyone else can see what’s going on. i think that people snap because the lie is confronted with a truth so undeniable that all of the buried emotions surface, and they don’t know how to handle it. not everyone is crazy enough to drive cross country to kidnap someone, but we all try to regain control in some way. we go on a diet, change our clothes, cut our hair, move, get a new job…anything that gives us the power over a situation to combat the area in our lives where we feel inept and helpless.

honesty is the best policy. i think that once we have accepted the situation, and the fact that we may have no control over it, we are less likely to have an adverse reaction…well, unless you were just crazy to begin with, and then, drugs. drugs, a white coat, and very nice people will show you to your room.