Work Experience

I am a System Software Architect with a specialty in Software-Defined Infrastructure and automation at scale. I enjoy working with and leading teams to develop technical solutions that improve reliability and optimize compute environments.

My Work Philosophy

Technology takes practice. Much like running a marathon, you train for it. Be patient with yourself.

  • Document things because it’s important
  • Automate your way out of a job (there will always be more work)
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • Bring all of who you are, no one benefits from inauthentic relationships
  • Mentor someone else
  • Build community
  • Stay curious, and keep learning!

Intel Corporation, 2005-Present

System Software Architect, 2019-Present

This role is in the Network Edge Group with the Health, Education, and Consumer Industries division.

I work with customers to consider how their architecture can benefit from micro-services, virtualization, and containerization technologies. Taking into consideration large-scale deployment and remote management of devices and applications. Understanding performance implications of how these technologies work in localized environments (“the edge”) and over the network (“the cloud”), how best to secure, and leverage them to modernize software architectures.

Cloud Automation Engineer, 2014-2019

This role was within the Information Technology Group on the Software Defined Infrastructure Team with Cloud Services Engineering.

  • Developed solutions for deployment and maintenance of enterprise-scale Internal Cloud infrastructure
  • Implemented OS Provisioning for Windows and UNIX as a Service using cloud-aware application development.
  • Developed automation to preemptively resolve virtual machine issues, achieving a 42% reduction of ticketed issues.
  • Led a 9-member team as Product Owner to architect and deploy cloud infrastructure monitoring and alerting.
  • Mentored junior engineers to improve business acumen and technical skills

Design Automation Engineer, 2008-2014

This role was within the Embedded Computing Group on the Silicon Engineering team.

  • Led a multi-site team to architect and deploy a firewalled environment solution for Offsite Design Centers.
  • Coordinated the convergence of register management methodology for Architecture, Pre-Silicon Validation, RTL, Software, and Electrical Engineering Teams.
  • Adapted Perl-based large volume regression runs to automate random seed simulation for design coverage collection.
  • Designed a collateral release flow, resulting paper was accepted to the 2012 Design Test and Technology Conference.
  • Enabled PCIe and CPU benchmarks to simulate workloads on IA Platforms and a White Paper to proliferate findings.
  • Wrote portions of Platform Quality of Service Proof of Concept C library for cache enforcement.
  • Responsible for management of Interactive and batch computing and storage infrastructure for 100+ engineers.

Systems Programmer, 2005-2007

This role was within the Information Technology group in the Engineering Computing division.

  • Supported compute server allocation and deployed resource utilization tracking metrics for compute capacity.
  • Designed cross-site modules to automate the management, installation, and provisioning of Unix server instances.
  • Leveraged Wiki technology to consolidate existing documentation and manuals
  • Developed curriculum and training materials for delivery of online courses
  • Developed feature set for XAJAX and PHP based objective and milestone management utility w/MySQL backend.
  • Provided managerial and team lead coverage; received site recognition award for exceptional coverage.

Do Wonderful

Spotlighted for founding “Day @ Intel” est. 2008; an on-site field trip for 100 Girls Grades 8-12.

Third World Press, 2003-2005

Independent Contractor –IT/Accounting

  • Set up and maintained Windows XP/ Macintosh OS X peer-to-peer inter-office network.
  • Designed and executed a new customer service system to provide more efficient order tracking.
  • Planned and implemented the migration of the accounting system from DacEasy to QuickBooks
  • Produced office manual of procedures and directly managed volunteer and intern program for IT and accounting

Techie Skills

  • Markup Languages: JSON, YAML, Markdown, XML, HTML, Wiki, CSS*
  • Programming “Languages”: Python, PHP*, C/C++*, Javascript*, Java*
  • Scripting: PowerShell, Shell (C-shell, Bash), Perl*
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL
  • Cloud Technologies: OpenStack, Kubernetes, Containers, VMWare (vCenter, vSphere, vRealize), AWS, Azure, GCP, RESTful APIs
  • Networking: Software Defined Networks, TCP/IP, Firewall Rules
  • Virtualization: KVM, Qemu, ESXi, Hyper-V
  • CICD: GitHub, TeamCity, Jenkins, Drone
  • Requirements and Issues tools: Jira, Doors NextGen, Rally
  • Operating Systems: UNIX/Linux (Ubuntu, SLES, RedHat), Windows Server, Windows Client
  • Software Development Practices: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Practitioner, DevOps
  • Misc: WordPress, Web servers (Apache, Nginx), Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Enterprise Integration
  • Office: Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Video Conferencing

*It’s been a minute