there is nothing to fear…

but fear itself. a friend of mine recently told me something that i didn’t want to hear. and at the close of the conversation, the question posed was: “what are you so afraid of?”

at the time, i was aggravated, i felt like that was a question that didn’t appropriately address what i was feeling, but in retrospect, it was a question that i needed to answer for myself. WHAT is it that i was so afraid of? change. i will admit that i am a creature of habit, and though i make small changes frequently, big changes are hard to come by, and are usually spurred by some external catalyst. so the question that i am asking myself in the new year is “what are you waiting for?”

it seems that i wait and wait for things in my life to happen, but why wait? as cliche as it may sound, tomorrow is not promised, and all too often, all that is really holding us is fear. so what’s the worst that could happen, i mean, if i don’t die, i’m still here to keep on living (obviously) so why not LIVE! that is my profound schpiel for 2007. i am not afraid anymore. bring on the change, i suppose the worst it can do is kill me 😉