the china recall: don’t believe the hype

consider this: the US has a multi-billion dollar trade deficit with china. add to that the fact that china has had a ban on american beef since the mad cow “epidemic” and you have what is shaping up to be quite an interesting exercise in the US media and government propaganda machine.

for the past month i have listened to and read countless stories about the chinese recalls and the lack of safety standards there, etc. etc. etc. meanwhile, US companies continue to outsource jobs to countries where the cost of labor is cheaper. this could get very ugly. what better way to force china to lift it’s ban on beef and bring jobs back to the US where it’s “safe” than to begin a scare campaign against the “made in china” label. i mean hey, it worked with iraq! they didn’t even have weapons, and just the implication that they might, that the “smoking gun might be a mushroom cloud” was enough to send this country into a fear induced tizzy that is now a trillion dollar failed war.

china makes 70 percent of the world’s toys. of the hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, a nine million dollar recall is not even a drop in the bucket. think about that. there have been MUCH larger recalls from american made toys (i will need to research and cite here but i don’t have time to do so right now). not to mention that the latest recall of the magnet based polly pocket etc. has nothing to do with the manufacturing and EVERYTHING to do with the engineering and design. where was it designed? the US. so we should blame china for building to spec? the last time I checked, the law didn’t work that way.

i am so tired of people not thinking and just buying into any and everything just because it was on the news. i for one, am NOT buying into the propaganda machine. my beef is not with china, i’ll leave that to the cattle industry.