A dress story

I have a dress in my closet. It was gifted to me by my sister, who inherited it from my mother. So this dress, which started in the 70s has found new life in 2010.

My Aunt sent me a couple of pictures of my mother in her youth a few months ago, and I was just tickled to see my mother wearing THE dress in the photo. I sent a photo of me in the dress to my Auntie! Her response:

is it??….. Could it really be..?? …. the same dress??

When was this picture of you taken? If it is the same dress, it held up very well! Do you still have it?
Did you know that it was I who took young Brenda, California Xmas shopping the day the dress found its way into her life? In fact, I only agreed to her having the ensemble because it came with the matching sweater… for a little cover up. 🙂 I didn’t want your grandma upset with me because of the neckline. That long ago day,.. in the boutique (it was owned by a lady who was a friend of Joes.).. I could see in your mom’s young face and eyes that she reallllllly wanted that outfit. She might remember, that I was hesitant with my approval because she was only 17 years old. But,… I relinquished… she looked so cute… how could I say NO. She might also remember,.. I wanted to discreetly ‘pin’ it in front so the neckline wouldn’t be so revealing. She agreed,… but the picture of her in it says she tossed my ‘pinned’ idea.(that little rascal) LOL
She also chose a couple of other items for purchase that were nice,… but this particular dress is the stand out memory maker!