Month: October 2017

Then, you are not.

You are light and joy and wind, blowing across the Earth in gusts of happiness and lifting spirits with your cool breezes.
You color the world in blues and purples and pinks, filling the sky with sunset promises of brighter days to come.
You are tomorrow.
And looking forward to another day is a pastime you inspire, because what is the point of passing time, if you are not in it?
You are future.
Are gone.
And light turns to dark, joy into sorrow– in your absence, the World is still.
And the sky brings forth rain, mixing with salty rivers.
We stand uncovered, awash in universal tears.
You are yesterday.
And returning to light and joy and cool breezes is necessary, because what is the point of inhabiting space, if you are not in it?

You are remembered.