Month: April 2008

Ain’t I A Woman?

Thoughts on receiving an abnormal pap and waiting for biopsy results.

Sojourner, I feel your words.
is womanhood only in my womb?
Is femininity defined only by my ability to bring life?
lately, I’ve been thinking twice
what if my body is a tomb

if I am like infertile ground, unable to bear fruit,
ain’t I a woman?

If no seed will ever take root…
ain’t I a woman?

Suddenly I am aware of my 27 years
3 years from 30
My mind is trying to calm the fears
That only one heart will ever beat within me
That I will never have a biological copy

If I never suffer labor pains,
ain’t I a woman?

If no child will carry on my name,
ain’t I a woman?