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disappearing acts

and no, i’m not talking about that wack wesley snipes/sanaa lathan straight-to-lifetime disasterpiece, i’m referring to mysterious television character disappearances and re-castings. this thought was spurned when the other night, i was watching my wife and kids in syndication and this girl came downstairs. tisha campbell’s character called her “claire.” i was like…hold the phone, who is this??

obviously, claire was recast early enough in the series that i never knew there was an “original” claire. now this is a common occurrence on daytime soaps so i am never taken by surprise, but at least soap operas have the decency to know that their audience members are intelligent enough to NOTICE that there has been a casting change. soap operas always have a nice voice over talent say something like: “and now playing the role of victoria newman will be *actress nowhere near as heather tom’s name here*” when the new actor appears. i appreciate that. these tv show cast changes are hiliarious. it’s like one day somebody just disappears and they are never mentioned again and the plot keeps on moving without a second thought.

case in point: judy, little richie, aunt rachael and grandma on family matters. it started with judy, but by the end of that show, nobody was safe. it was “the urkel show.” don’t remember judy? she was the pointless youngest child who couldn’t fill the “cute as a button” role, wasn’t “the stupid one” (eddie) or “the pretty one” (laura) so she had to go. in fact, upon further research, judy was recast from the pilot to the actual series run…doomed from the start.

just a random blog entry, it’s been a while. i suppose i need to return to the blogosphere.